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Why the Astanza Trinity Laser System Sets the Bar for Tattoo Removal

Once you have made up your mind about having a tattoo removed, it’s not easy to go back. Because your tattoo might be something you see on a daily basis, it can become a constant reminder of your desire to have it removed. Through initial research, many people come across options like topical tattoo removal creams, which are ineffective at fading ink deep in the skin or extreme measures such as surgical excisions.
In the end, the safest and most effective method to remove tattoos is with laser technology. With many different lasers available on the market, only the Astanza laser systems are considered the gold standard in tattoo removal.
The Advantage of Astanza
With a unique combination of three wavelengths and two lasers, the Astanza Trinity System truly offers the most effective laser tattoo removal results. Unlike other options that only offer only one wavelength and one laser, the Astanza system can treat a wide spectrum of colors and skin types for tattoo removal. Here are some of the powerful qualities that set this technology apart:

  • High power for more effective removal results
  • Extremely short pulse for minimized discomfort
  • Rapid repetition rate for shorter treatment times
  • Even energy application to protect skin
  • Three wavelengths to treat a wide range of ink colorsBuddha

Unlike other tattoo removal lasers like Picosure or Picoway that are limited by what colors can be treated, Astanza lasers set the bar for comprehensive treatment of virtually every color ink.
Is laser tattoo removal right for you?
Certain factors like ink density, location, skin type or size will determine the number of treatments you will need or the amount of time you require between treatments. Ultimately, if you have an unwanted tattoo, chances are laser tattoo removal is right for you.
At LeBeau Clinic, we are experts in laser tattoo removal in Pensacola using the Astanza Trinity System. To find out how we can apply our experience and technology to treat your tattoo, contact us today.