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Why Not All Laser Tattoo Removal Technology is The Same

Tattooing skin dates back thousands of years. Of the millions of Americans who have tattoos, many people now seek to have one or more of their tattoos removed. Because there are a handful of laser tattoo removal systems available on the market today, it might seem like they offer similar treatments. In fact, the differences between certain tattoo removal lasers couldn’t be more drastic, and in turn, important for your results.
The problem with false marketing
With tattoo removal, it’s important to look past marketing and know what technology will truly work to remove your tattoo. For example, the tattoo removal industry has seen extensive promotion of one of the newest lasers, Picosure. This system claims to be one of the biggest advancements in laser tattoo removal. While in some ways, Picosure tattoo removal offers new technology, it’s effectiveness is not to the degree its marketing suggests.
The biggest difference the Picosure laser promotes is the amount of time the laser’s energy is applied to skin with each pulse. As its name suggests, it has a pulse-width of 1 picosecond, which is shorter than that of other well-known Q-Switched lasers.
Marketing of Picosure hypes effective tattoo removal, leading many people to believe that it can remove a tattoo in very few treatments. The truth is that unless a tattoo is blue, green, or purple, the Picosure cannot be used alone treat the tattoo. Unfortunately, reds and yellows can be very difficult to treat with the Picosure, because the laser only uses one wavelength.
What to look for in a laser
Ultimately, if reds, yellows, and oranges are present in a tattoo, the Picosure laser is not the best fit to effectively fade those colors. Instead, Q-switched lasers like the Astanza Trinity System are designed to effectively treat a wide spectrum of colors including reds, yellows, and oranges.
With the cost of Picosure laser treatments nearly double the price of Q-switched laser treatments, it’s important to consider if a laser system with color limitations is the right option for you.
At LeBeau Clinic, we use the Astanza Trinity System for the most comprehensive laser tattoo removal in Pensacola and along the Gulf Coast. To find out how we can help treat your tattoo or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.