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What You Need To Know About R-20 Tattoo Removal Method from Dr. LeBeau

This recently hyped tattoo removal method is based on a very limited study of only 12 participating patients using a single wavelength, 755 nm laser and only on very simple tattoos.  For effective tattoo removal, many tattoos require multiple laser wavelengths to provide optimum results as different color inks respond best to a given wavelength.
R-20 Tattoo Removal
The R-20 tattoo removal process basically involves treating a tattoo 3-4 times in a single visit with 20-30 minutes between each treatment.  The thought is that this process will enhance clearance of tattoo ink, but this has not been definitively proven.  Patients have reported significantly more discomfort with having multiple treatments in one day as well as increased side effects and a prolonged healing time. This method does not necessarily prove more cost effective as most providers charge the same as if they were doing multiple individual treatment sessions.
Laser Tattoo Removal at LeBeau Clinic
The LeBeau Clinic continually strives to provide our clients with the latest advances which improve patient care, comfort and results.  Although the R-20 method for laser tattoo removal may eventually prove to have some merit, I do not believe it currently provides proven efficacy to warrant the increased treatment costs, patient discomfort and skin texture complications seen using this protocol.  This very aggressive method cannot be used for tattoo removal in darker skin types (III, IV, V, VI) due to the high risk of pigmentation changes and will certainly have a higher likelihood for skin texture abnormalities and scarring.
The Gold Standard
The gold standard for tattoo removal remains treatment by an experienced provider using multiple wavelength Q-switched lasers in a series of treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.  The number of laser treatments will be based on the tattoo location, quality and character of the ink as well as ink density, patient skin type and overall health of the client.  This is a proven effective method for tattoo removal which works very well with minimal discomfort and very happy patients.  It is important to remember that tattoos are meant to be permanent and all tattoos present a significant challenge for removal.  Performing laser tattoo removal is an evolving skill which requires use of the appropriate laser wavelength, adjustment of the timing and power settings to match the appropriate tattoo inks, and requires significant experience and judgement on the part of the practitioner.
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