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Retinol: The Gold Standard for Anti-Aging

If there’s one essential product that most skin care professionals seem to recommend, it’s the highly effective retinoid compound, Retinol. As the only product approved by the FDA to treat photo-aged skin, retinol can provide incredible anti-aging benefits like tightened pores and smoother, more radiant skin.
What is it?
Retinol, discovered over 80 years ago, is a compound in the retinoid family. Other known retinoids are retinoic acid, retinyl palminate or retinol aldehyde, which are all vitamin A derivatives.
Using a Retinol topically in a skin regimen can produce a number of desirable results that reduce fine lines, tighten pores, even pigmentation, reduce break outs and boost collagen production.
According to John Kulesza, founder and president of Young Pharmaceuticals, Inc., when it comes to looking younger, “Retinol is unequivocally the gold standard for anti-aging.”
How is it different than other products?
Retinol No 50Many people are familiar with the product, Retin-A, which is a brand name for retinoic acid (tretinoin) aimed to clear skin and reduce fine lines. However, some common side-effects of a Retin-A regimen can include dry, red and irritated skin.
This is where the more gentle, yet still effective compound, Retinol makes the ultimate difference in skin care. Retinol, although less concentrated than aggressive products like Retin-A, still produces the same benefits over a longer period of time, which is easier on the skin.
Once applied, the skin transforms the retinol compound into the same retinoic acid ingredient in Retin-A, to a more subtle degree which reduces side effects like peeling or sensitivity.
According to Kulesza, skin care products do not need to leave skin in a constant state of redness or peeling, rather products can be tailored to benefit skin moderately over time.
Retinol at LeBeau Clinic
LeBeau Clinic is excited to offer our patients our Retinol No. 50, which is designed to treat skin more comprehensively and encourage noticeable results that help keep skin looking good all the time.
Our Retinol No. 50 contains 0.5 % retinol, which is noticeably stronger compared to some .1 and .2% retinol products found at retail stores.
“Vitamin A derivatives are hands down the greatest anti-aging skin care ingredient currently available. Our prescription formulation of retinol is suitable for nearly all skin types and was developed to avoid the potential of unwanted side affects associated with harsh vitamin A formulations such as Retin-A,” Jacque LeBeau, M.D.
We carry our Retinol No. 50 in our office and in our online store.