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Blunt Tip Cannula Technique at LeBeau Clinic

As the premier provider of Botox and Dermal fillers, we find it important to remain current and in tune with the most effective techniques available in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
When it comes to injecting dermal fillers, Dr. LeBeau knows that attention to detail is important. Because of this, Dr. LeBeau is proud to be one of the first plastic surgeons in Pensacola and the northern Gulf Coast using the Blunt Tip Cannula method to inject dermal fillers.
What is it?
cannula copyContrary to a traditional needle with a very sharp tip used for injecting dermal fillers like Radiesse, Juvederm or Belotero, a Blunt Tip Cannula has a blunt tip and a slightly wider opening to inject filler into common areas of the face like the cheeks, nasolabial folds and tear troughs. Dr. LeBeau also injects dermal fillers with the Blunt Tip Cannula when performing a Liquid Facelift or Liquid Rhinoplasty.
How does it work?
After the injection area has been pierced with a small needle, the Blunt Tip Cannula is gently inserted underneath the skin. A specialized opening in the Blunt Tip Cannula allows the filler to evenly disperse in the desired areas of the face with very little discomfort to the patient and significantly less chance of bruising.
Why is it preferred over a traditional needle?
The Blunt Tip Cannula offers many advantages over the use of a traditional needle injection:

  • It lessens the risk for bruising or discomfort
  • It allows the filler to disperse quicker and smoother
  • It provides a more natural appearance
  • It helps the filler distribute more evenly in the desired areas
  • It’s gentle blunt tip avoids trauma to the skin tissue, lessening recovery time

Please contact the LeBeau Clinic today to discuss options for improvement in facial volume with long lasting Radiesse to achieve a natural, rested and radiant look.