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Quality is Value: You Get What You Pay For

Dr. Jacque P. LeBeau is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the LeBeau Clinic in Pensacola FLAt LeBeau Clinic, we charge by the area for Botox Cosmetic. The three most common injection areas are the crow’s feet, forehead, and the lines in between the eyebrows, which is called the glabella.
I always tell my patients that it is not the total price of the service that is important, rather how many units are used and whether or not the desired result is obtained.
For instance, if a patient goes to a spa and pays $150 per area, it may appear to be a great deal. However, when the patient asks how long the treatment is supposed to last, the spa responds “two months,” which is a less than desirable time frame.
I have seen that many of the less expensive treatments that feature a deal consist of around 10 units, where 20 units may be necessary for noticeable results. So, what initially looks like a great bargain, is in fact just a treatment with an inadequate amount of Botox.
It’s important to always ask your injector how many units they are using, so you can determine what price per unit you are receiving. Experienced injectors know that there is no such thing as a standard amount of units, as everyone’s facial anatomy and muscular strengths are variable, even from one side of the face to the other.
I recently saw an advertisement in a local magazine offering Botox from a chiropractor’s office for $7.25/unit, a rather low cost per unit. If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
I have seen many patients who have come into my office who were treated at other locations in the area with droopy eyebrows, strangely arched brows or “frozen” foreheads who were unhappy with the treatment because of poorly placed injections or over-treatment in these areas.
This is very unfortunate, because if properly placed, Botox, Dysport and Xeomin will give excellent results with very high patient satisfaction when treated by an experienced injector.

IMG_1090 copy 2

Before Botox in Glabella (crows feet/eyes not treated)

IMG_1207 copy 2

After Botox in Glabella (crows feet/eyes not treated)

As the only clinic on the Florida Panhandle specializing exclusively in facial aesthetics, we understand that patients want value as well as quality. When you visit a non-physician med-spa for injectable treatments, there are usually more unaddressed reasons for the lower price of your treatment.
For example, a med-spa that is owned by a non-physician, with a nurse practitioner as an injector, is the hardest model to stay competitive in today’s world. In that scenario, the patient is paying for the cost of the Botox, the cost of the nurse practitioner to inject the product, the fee for the medical director to sign off on the nurse doing the injections and the profit for the med spa.
By going to a physician, the patient can cut out two of the middle-people. The chances of getting more product for the same price is greater by going to a doctor’s office for your treatment.
In addition, there are several practices in our area where registered nurses are performing Botox and dermal filler injections. This is forbidden by the Florida Medical Board and the practitioner overseeing the nurse is at risk of losing their medical license.
I always tell my patients that you get what you pay for. However, you need to advocate for yourself and understand what you are getting for your expenses. Ensure that your injector is experienced and properly trained, that you are getting FDA approved Botox Cosmetic from Allergan and finally, know how many units you receive.
As well, a physician’s office should maintain a medical record of your treatments so you can optimize and customize your Botox to achieve the best effect and value.
Best Regards,
Dr. LeBeau