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ProFractional Resurfacing at LeBeau Clinic

Acne scarring can be a frustrating and difficult problem to manage. Although many people are interested in correcting their acne scars, there are few treatments that provide noticeable results. Designed to effectively treat scarring, the ProFractional laser treatment offered at LeBeau Clinic works to soften and blend facial scarring.
What is ProFractional?
[layout][half]ProFractional resurfacing ablates narrow, precise channels into the dermis to create softer, smoother skin that feels better to the touch. The untreated surrounding tissue promotes rapid, uniform healing. With ProFractional, precise depths can be selected as can the distance between spots. ProFractional can be used to to treat individual scars as minimally or aggressively as necessary to create overall evenness to the skin.[/half][half is_last=”true”]Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 11.12.48 AM[/half][/layout]
Who performs the procedure?
At the LeBeau Clinic, all of our Fractionated laser treatments for acne scarring are performed by our Double Board Certified and fellowship trained plastic surgeon, Jacque LeBeau, MD.  Dr. LeBeau has extensive training with the Scition laser and is able to customize the treatments for each specific individual so that the most optimal results are obtained.
How is it different than Fraxel?
The Fraxel laser technology results in significant discomfort and requires long treatment series which differs from ProFractional which allows control over the depth of treatment, doesn’t require much downtime and patients leave with minimal redness that looks like a sunburn. ProFractional in our hands has proven to be more effective than other fractional devices, while allowing the physician more treatment flexibility for treatment of acne scars. This leads to positive results that can be seen in fewer treatments and less overall downtime.
Profractional Laser TreatmentWhat can I expect from a ProFractional treatment?
The treatment will vary according to your individual needs including the number of treatments required, location treated, type, depth, severity of the acne scars and age of the patient. You will come in to our office before your treatment to have a topical anesthetic applied that will ease any discomfort. Because the depth of the treatment can be controlled, the treatment can be shallower for the forehead and nose and deeper on the cheeks. You shouldn’t need any pain killers as the procedure is minimally uncomfortable. Side effects should also be minimal, and may include pinpoint bleeding that will pass shortly after your treatment. Using a water-based moisturizer after your treatment will promote healing and keep you comfortable during the healing process.
Why combine ProFractional with MicroLaserPeel?
At our downtown Pensacola location, we also offer MicroLaserPeel, a superficial resurfacing treatment that’s depth is measured in microns. The MicroLaserPeel treatment is tolerable with a topical anesthetic and causes the skin to eventually peel and reveal new skin. Because acne scars cause uneven texture and often uneven color and tone, adding the superficial resurfacing of MicroLaserPeel with ProFractional helps blend the texture, tone and color. While ProFractional creates small channels that stimulate collagen remodeling on a deeper level, the MicroLaserPeel treatment treats the surface of the skin to add a finishing touch, especially around sensitive areas around the eyes.
What results should I expect?
After you have had a series of treatments specific to your needs, you should expect improvement in texture, tone, color, depth and size of your acne scars. The accepted standard is about 50% improvement of your acne scarring. We will take before and after photos to track your progress and see your improvements.
Please contact our office if you are interested in ProFractional treatment to improve acne scarring.