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Pensacola Tattoo Removal at LeBeau Clinic

In today’s world, many things can be fixed with technology. With the power of a laser, you can make precise measurements, alter materials, remove hair and even resurface skin. One impressive advancement in laser technology is laser tattoo removal. LeBeau Clinic is excited to soon offer Pensacola tattoo removal services with the Astanza Duality Laser for the most effective tattoo removal treatments available.
The Astanza Duality is an advanced tool for aesthetic practitioners like Dr. LeBeau that provides high performance, value, and reliability. With essential wavelengths for versatility, the Duality allows effective removal in even the most difficult tattoos. No other laser is as versatile, powerful, and competitively priced.
We’re excited to soon offer the Astanza Duality laser designed for tattoo removal, pigmented lesions and vascular lesions to the Pensacola, Fort Walton and Mobile areas.
How does laser tattoo work?
During a tattoo removal procedure, laser light is applied to the tattooed area of the skin. The light is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, leaving the surrounding skin tissue and chromophores unharmed.
The tattoo ink particles absorb the laser energy, heat up, and shatter into smaller ink particles.
In the days and weeks following a laser treatment, the body’s immune system flushes away the shattered ink particles, causing the tattoo to fade.  Over a series of treatments, more and more of the ink shatters, leaving the skin free of ink.
Take a look at this video of a laser tattoo removal treatment.