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Pensacola Hair Removal/Hair Reduction at LeBeau Clinic
Introducing Laser Hair Removal at LeBeau Clinic

If you are considering laser hair removal to cut down on time shaving or tweezing or simply to remove unwanted hair, we now offer the newest hair removal technology available to fit your needs. At LeBeau Clinic, we are excited to offer our patients the most comfortable and safest hair removal option using the latest innovation in hair removal, Forever Bare BBL.
How it works
Forever Bare BBL, a state-of-the-art light treatment, provides the most comfortable hair removal treatment available. Forever Bare BBL is a safe, fast, and effective treatment, with lasting results for a broad range of light to dark skin types.
While other hair removal treatments apply energy to a given spot all at once, Forever Bare BBL treats with continuous movement and multiple lower fluence pulses at a high repetition rate. This advanced method evenly heats follicles to the precise temperature for fast and easy hair removal, greatly minimizing the likelihood of missed areas that occur with traditional hair removal devices.
Ultimately, the laser hair removal process targets the pigment in the hair follicle, destroying the capillary to the follicle and permanently removing it.
What you can expect
Preformed by our aesthetic nurse, Julie, you can now receive laser hair removal treatments on various areas of your body where you have unwanted hair. Whether you are interested in in treating your lip, chin, face, underarms, back, legs, bikini, chest or arms, we have the most advanced technology in the industry to treat your desired areas.
FBBBL_Before_After1Laser hair removal treatments are preformed in a series. Since at any point in time your hair follicles are growing in different stages, it’s typical to receive between 4 and 8 treatments depending on area of the body and color of hair for best results. Because a percentage of the hair is removed each time, you should see improvement after each treatment, until ultimately the skin becomes smooth and virtually hair free.
We’re excited to offer our patients this new service at LeBeau Clinic. Call today to schedule your free laser hair removal consultation.