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New Study Shows That Daily Sunscreen Helps Minimize Wrinkles and Aging Skin

A new study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that daily use of sunscreen can help minimize wrinkles and aging skin.
Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that “people instructed to apply sunscreen every day showed 24% less skin aging, as measured by lines and coarseness of the skin, than those told to use the cream as they usually do.”
The New York Times also covered the study, and noted that “those assigned to use sunscreen every day had noticeably more resilient and smoother skin than those assigned to continue their usual practices.”
This is the first study of its kind.  Until now, there were no scientific studies using human subjects and showing the beneficial effects of sunscreen on wrinkling.  After this new study however, scientists world-wide are impressed with the research. According to the NY Times article, Dr. David R. Bickers, a dermatology professor at Columbia University who was not involved in the research, said it “makes it clear that extensive, consistent use of sunscreen can alter a pattern of what would be an inevitable progression of photo-aging.”

LeBeau Skin SunShade - Facial Sunscreen SPF 30

LeBeau Skin SunShade – Facial Sunscreen SPF 30

What Is the Difference in UVA and UVB rays?
Ultraviolet (or UV) rays come in three varieties: UVA rays, which have long wavelengths and are used in tanning booths, UVB rays, which have shorter wavelengths and are attributed to sunburns, and UVC rays, which have no direct effect on human skin. Both UVA and UVB rays are proven culprits of skin cancer, sunspots, and wrinkles.  You have to protect yourself against both UVA and UVB, so it is recommended that people use a sunscreen labeled broad spectrum.  A lot of sunscreens on the market protect only against UVB rays which is not ideal since UVA rays penetrate more deeply and cause skin damage and aging –  sometimes even skin cancer.
What Level of SPF Should I Be Using?
It is recommended that a level of SPF 15 or higher be used for UVB protection. The SPF factor rates how effective the sunscreen is in preventing sunburn caused by UVB rays.  If you’d normally burn in 10 minutes, SPF 15 multiplies that by a factor of 15, meaning you could go 150 minutes before burning.
Keep in mind that the higher the SPF, the smaller the increased benefit: contrary to what you might think, SPF 30 isn’t twice as strong as SPF 15. While SPF 15 filters out 93% of UVB, SPF 30 filters out 97%, and SPF 50 blocks out 98% of UVB rays – only a slight improvement.  When used correctly, sunscreen with an SPF value of 30 will offer strong sunburn protection, even for people most sensitive to sunburn.
LeBeau Skin SunShade
At LeBeau Clinic, we offer a wonderful medical-grade facial sunscreen called SunShade.  It’s  the most popular product in our exclusive LeBeau Skin product line.
This Anti-Oxidant Emollient Sunscreen SPF 30 is a combination of micronized Titanium and Zinc oxides, fortified with the powerful anti-oxidants.
It offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection without any chemicals, fragrance, parabens or preservatives.  It’s a tinted mineral sunscreen that is light, smooth and non-greasy.  With a silky matte finish, SunShade leaves no shine, no stickiness and no odor on the skin. SunShade is ideal for all skin types – even patients with sensitive skin, or post-treatment when skin is dry or irritated.
Sunshade can be purchased at the LeBeau Clinic in Pensacola Florida or online at www.lebeauskin.com.
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