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Lose Your Double Chin with Kybella


What is Kybella?
Kybella is a brand new non-surgical option for treatment of double chin fat – or sub mental fat.     It is the first and only FDA approved treatment available and involves a series of injections to the chin and neck to dissolve the fat over time.  This is a great option for patients with good skin elasticity who desire improvement in this area with minimal downtime.
Kybella is an FDA-approved medication containing the active ingredient deoxycholic acid. The substance in Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that is naturally produced by the body.  When Kybella is properly injected into submental fat, the drug destroys fat cells in the area so they can be naturally eliminated by the body. The result is a trimmer jawline with restored definition and a sleeker transition from the neck to the face.
[layout][one_third]beforeafterkybellaKYBELLA-Product-Image-1024[/one_third][two_third is_last=”true”]Kybella is only approved for use in the sub mental area under the chin.  Much of the excess fat in this area is located just under the skin, and that is the target for Kybella injections.  There area also nerves, glands, and blood vessels that must be avoided when doing these injections.  These are some of the important reasons that Kybella injections should only be performed by an expert who has proper training and completely understands the anatomy of the face and neck.  Dr. LeBeau is a fellowship trained, triple board certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.  You can feel confident that you will always be provided the safest, most effective treatments by Dr. LeBeau and the LeBeau Clinic in Pensacola.[/two_third][/layout]
Kybella vs. Neck Lift or Liposuction for double chin
All of these procedures are very effective options.  Kybella injections and neck lifts or liposuction all target the same type of patient – the person who has stubborn fat causing a double chin that will not go away even with weight loss.  Kybella is great for patients who still have enough youthful skin elasticity to allow the skin to shrink and tighten after the fat is removed.  Older patients with excess loose skin and muscle are better candidates for a neck lift and/or facelift. Kybella is not perfect for everyone, and that is why it’s important to have a consultation with an expert who fully understands all of the options (including surgery) that are available to you and most appropriate for your particular situation.
The advantage to surgical correction via liposuction or neck lift is that it’s a one-time procedure.  However, the recovery is much longer since it involves surgery.  Kybella injections are the perfect option for a minimal downtime non-surgical procedure for patients who do not like the idea of surgery or want something quick yet effective that fits their busy lifestyle.
Minimal Discomfort
With Kybella, there is minimal discomfort.  Dr. LeBeau does his injections a little bit differently than some other doctors in an effort to make it more comfortable for the patient.  We use the Zimmer Chiller which is a skin cooling system designed to minimize pain during treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections. Air from the Zimmer chiller is filtered and cooled down to -30 degrees Celsius to provide you with the ultimate cooling relief.  Kybella involves a series of injections using a very small needle.  This is similar to what patients experience with a Botox treatment.  The only difference with Kybella is a mild burning and stinging sensation that some patients might notice.  With the Zimmer Chiller, the burning sensation is greatly reduced and many times not noticeable.  Treatments are very quick and can be performed within about 30 minutes.
The most common side effect with Kybella is some swelling for a few days.  This usually resolves itself over 2 or 3 days but can take up to a week to gradually subside.  There can be some mild bruising, and occasionally patients notice a mild tingling sensation or partial numbness for a few days.  This will all go back to normal over time.
Permanent Results
The great thing about Kybella is that it is permanent!  Results last forever because the fat cells that are dissolved are destroyed and are no longer able to store excess fat.  On average, most people need between 2 and 4 treatment sessions to see the best results.  The typical cost is about $1200 per session.  Treatments are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.
To learn more about your options and what to expect after Kybella, call our office at 850-308-1738 to schedule a personal consultation.
Before and After – Kybella

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