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Lip Enhancement

Dermal Filler Lip Enhancement allows you to create a youthful, natural appearance to your lips by restoring definition, enhancing volume, and fixing asymmetry.

Here at the Le Beau Clinic in Pensacola, FL, we understand how you feel when it comes to your appearance. Lips are an important part of that appearance, and our answer for you is dermal filler lip enhancement. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to restore your previously full and defined lips, or if you are treating yourself to have the full lips you always wanted, we are here for you. Dr. LeBeau is well versed in a wide array of injection options, and his experience ensures you get what is most appropriate for your face shape, so the outcome is beautiful with the most natural looking results.

Aging causes a lot of change in our bodies, and even several changes to our lips. Some people lose volume, and their lips start to appear almost flattened, while others start to lose definition along the borders of their lips and start to look as if their upper lip has somehow fallen. Still others experience the corners of their lips starting to sag and turn downward. Some people experience only one of these changes, and others experience more. Whatever the concern is, Dr. LeBeau’s dermal fillers are the answer to correct all of these concerns and provide a beautiful and natural looking outcome.

The dermal fillers used for lips at the LeBeau Clinic are hyaluronic acid based. Dr. LeBeau prefers these softer fillers because they attract water to the tissue and create a more plumped up look for you. These fillers often last anywhere from 12-18 months, depending on the filler used. Due to each person’s unique appearance, our experts consult with you extensively in order to achieve the best results and the optimum aesthetic look you desire. After the consultation, Dr. LeBeau will work with you to deliver the most natural and appropriate look for your facial features. Dr. LeBeau takes pride in the beautiful natural outcomes our patients experience.

A unique feature at the LeBeau Clinic is that Dr. LeBeau uses an advanced and specialized injection technique called blunt-tipped micro-cannulas. This technique reduces the chances of bruising, and also requires fewer injections. Dr. LeBeau’s patients often find this to be a more comfortable procedure, as well.

Dr. LeBeau may also bring up the idea of BOTOX® during the consultation with you. Small injections of BOTOX® during the Lip Enhancement procedure can improve the outcome in a few different ways. It can help increase the visibility of the surface area of the upper lip, it can decrease a “gummy” smile, and it can be used to turn up the corners of the lips in those cases where the lips curl down with age. All options are fully discussed during the initial extensive consultation, so Dr. LeBeau knows prior to the procedure exactly what you want and how to best achieve your desired outcome.

During your treatment, Dr. LeBeau’s goal is to keep you comfortable. Sometimes a topical numbing cream will be utilized to help minimize the sensation of the treatment. Dr. LeBeau’s dermal fillers also contain lidocaine, which also helps decrease the sensation of the treatment and keep you comfortable. Sometimes Dr. LeBeau even uses ice to help maximize your comfort during the procedure.

Lips are always slightly swollen directly after the Lip Enhancement treatment. You may also notice tenderness and that in some areas they feel slightly bumpy. These symptoms are completely normal and usually subside within 48-72 hours. You will be advised to ice your lips and also to massage lightly in certain areas after you get home. Ibuprofen and aspirin are also helpful for the discomfort, but rarely needed. The timing of the treatment is of importance. You will want to discuss any social events coming up or whatever you may have on your schedule prior to scheduling the treatment. Dr. LeBeau’s staff will assist you in scheduling the treatment at the proper time so as not to hinder any upcoming events and to ensure that you look your best for whatever may be coming up.

It is often recommended to schedule Lip Enhancement treatment on an annual basis so as to maintain a fresh and consistent look throughout the year. BOTOX® treatments are scheduled quarterly. We assist you with all scheduling to make it simple for you.

Dr. LeBeau is an accomplished injection expert. Lip Enhancement can be the perfect solution to improve the appearance of your lips, but it is also vitally important that the right person with the proper training and experience is performing the treatment to ensure you achieve the desired outcome.

The following are the most common reasons for Lip Enhancement: Thin Lips, Flattened/Deflated Lips, Undefined Lip Border, Loss of Volume in the Body of the Lip, Lips that Turn Down at the Corners, Asymmetrical Lips.

The following are the most common benefits of Lip Enhancement: Defined Border of Lips, Fuller, Softer Lips, Pouty Lips, More Youthful Appearing Lips, Smoothing of Fine Lines above and on Lips.

To find out if Lip Enhancement is right for you, request a consultation by email or call our office at (850) 308-1738 to make an appointment.

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