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LeBeau Clinic Offers Simple, Non-Surgical Solution for Infant Ear Deformities

Did you know that ear deformities are one of the most frequently overlooked infant disfigurements? Remarkably, statistical data show that infant ear deformities occur at a rate of between 20% and 35% of all births! In part, ear deformities often fail to capture the attention they deserve; because, until now, no reliable, safe, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure has been available to treat them.
Dr. LeBeau is now offering EarWell – a new simple, painless, non-surgical solution that corrects virtually any infant ear deformity quickly and consistently, regardless of type or severity.

What is EarWell?

Up until this point, the only viable option for a patient with an ear deformity had been a surgical procedure called an otoplasty.  Otoplasty procedures are typically performed at approximately 5 years of age prior to the child starting school.  While Dr LeBeau does do a large volume of corrective otoplasty procedures on children, he also has noted that many of these ear deformities being surgically corrected could have been resolved during infancy with a non surgical molding device such as the EarWell.

EarWell non-surgically, non-invasively and painlessly corrects infant ear deformities regardless of type or severity.  It properly and permanently reshapes the ear during the narrow time window when circulating maternal estrogens remain at high levels in the child. Best results are achieved when EarWell therapy is initiated during the first three weeks of life.
Why EarWell?
Some think of an outer ear deformity as a minor aesthetic irregularity that will self-correct or that can be corrected through plastic surgery, once the child has grown. However, studies have shown that ear deformities can negatively impact a child’s physical and emotional development. Children with facial abnormalities – particularly ear deformities – suffer peer hazing, ridicule and abuse. As a result, they often exhibit low self-esteem, anxiety, elevated social isolation and emotional withdrawal.
EarWell not only removes the prospect of a surgical option, but also frees a child from development years filled with peer taunting and teasing. Additionally, the procedure is typically covered by most insurance, eliminating most out-of pocket parental expense.
Will My Child’s Ear Deformity Self Correct?
The old axiom to which many physicians originally subscribed has now proven to be false. Most ears do not significantly self-correct. Documentation now suggests that 70% of the ears deformed at infancy either stay the same or get worse.
Adopting a wait-and-see approach in the hopes that the ear might self-correct is risky. A Japanese longitudinal study concluded that while some ear deformities will self-correct, others will remain the same and some will even worsen. Most importantly, the study noted that it is impossible to predict which course a deformed ear will take!  Additionally, waiting till the child is old enough for surgery means years of teasing and an expensive (and often painful) surgery.
How Does it Work?[layout][two_third]
The EarWell System consists of four basic parts:

  • A posterior shell or cradle that fits over the ear and adheres to the skin behind the ear
  • A retractor that shapes the rim of the ear
  • A conchal former that shapes the center of the ear
  • An anterior shell or cradle that holds all of the parts together

[/two_third][one_third is_last=”true”]
image-earwell-system[/one_third][/layout]Using these 4 parts, the EarWell System reshapes the cartilage of the deformed ear into the desired curvature of a normal ear. As noted earlier, over 90% of the babies treated with the EarWell Correction System have gotten good to excellent results.  Common ear deformities such as prominent ear, Stahl’s ear, cup ear, lop ear, lidding, helical compression, and conchal crus can be successfully treated with the EarWell Infant Ear Correction System.
Is EarWell Covered by Insurance?
EarWell is covered by many health insurance plans.
Contact LeBeau Clinic for a Consultation.
If your newborn’s ears appear deformed or misshapen, you may make a consultation appointment at our Pensacola office by contacting us at 850-308-1738. Upon examination, if the ears are sufficiently deformed, Dr. LeBeau will apply the EarWell to permanently correct any ear deformity.  EarWell corrects over 90% of newborn ear deformities within a 4-6 week course of therapy
Download the EarWell Patient Brochure