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Laser Tattoo Removal

For complete tattoo removal on all skin types, Dr Jacque LeBeau is the one to call in Pensacola, FL offering the most state of the art technology and comprehensive treatment plans. Tattoos of all ink colors can be completely removed using the innovative Astanza Trinity laser system. This system is comfortable and is often used without the need for either topical or injectable anesthesia. The three distinct wavelengths provided by the Astanza Trinity laser offer the best clearance of the most difficult tattoo inks. Ultra short pulses of energy are emitted from the Q-switched Trinity laser. These pulses of energy enter the skin quickly and heat up the area, shattering the unwanted tattoo ink while maintaining the surrounding skin unharmed. The LeBeau Clinic is the only provider on the Gulf Coast using the Zimmer skin cooling device, and therefore patients have no concern about the tattoo removal. They are assured a quick and comfortable treatment experience.


The Trinity laser system for tattoo removal is a highly effective procedure for the complete elimination of unwanted tattoos, while returning the skin to its near original appearance prior to having the tattoo.

What makes the Trinity so superior is its versatile three wavelengths of light energy, its fast treatment times, and its high peak power. The three wavelengths allow for the treatment of 99% of all ink colors. Its high peak power ensure the ease with which deep and resistant tattoos are reached. Its fast treatment times allow the removal process to be accommodating for even the busiest schedule. The Laser System at the LeBeau Clinic in Pensacola, FL offers patients a superior experience with twice the speed as its closest competitor, the highest energy production and the largest spot size available.

How does it work?

Laser tattoo removal is the top method for tattoo removal with the least chance of scarring. The Astanza Trinity laser system utilizes the Q-switched lasers which are designed to create ultra short, but powerful pulses of energy that shatter tattoo ink into smaller fragments.

The body’s natural immune system clears away the shattered ink particles over the next days and weeks, causing the tattoo to fade in appearance. Successively deeper tattoo ink is shattered over a series of treatments until the unwanted tattoo is eliminated and faded completely.

In some rare occasions, tattoo ink may be resistant to standard treatments. Such instances require a specialized procedure using the Sciton ProFractional laser system, which helps the clearance of tattoo ink, as well as the resolution of tattoo granulomas. The LeBeau Clinic is proud to be the only tattoo removal center on the Gulf Coast offering this enhanced treatment of resistant tattoos.

Sometimes there are patients preferring a more expeditious removal of a tattoo, in which case Dr. LeBeau will offer the option of surgical excision. Surgical excision is also used for the removal of smaller tattoos in certain areas of the body. This procedure does leave a scar, however Dr. LeBeau is trained as a double board certified plastic surgeon, which allows for an excellent cosmetic appearance of the scars caused by surgical excision. You can read the FAQ regarding advanced laser removal treatment.

To find out if you can get your Tattoo removed, request a consultation by email or call our office at (850) 308-1738 to make an appointment.

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