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How does the PicoSure laser stand up against other tattoo removal options?

If you’re deciding between your tattoo removal options, it can be challenging to find out what is right for you. Today, there are plenty of tattoo removal laser on the market, all claiming to remove tattoos. Historically, there was only the Q-switched YAG laser which is still the gold standard for most tattoos, however, newer advances in laser technology have provided improvements to obtain the best tattoo removal. One of the newer technologies on the market, the PicoSure laser by Cyanosure, is being sought out by patients for tattoo removal.
How Does PicoSure work?
PicoSure uses ultra rapid pulses of laser energy (picosecond pulse durations) to help shatter the ink particles allowing the bodies immune system to remove the tattoo ink.
How does rank against others?
Although the PicoSure laser promotes its ability to shatter ink into extremely small particles, it’s single wavelength limitations doesn’t allow for targeting some of the most commonly found ink colors in tattoos, reds and yellows.
One alternative are Q-Switched and Ruby lasers in the Astanza Trinity System offering 3 wavelengths for the best results. At LeBeau Clinic, Dr. LeBeau did extensive research into laser tattoo technology and decided upon Astanza, which we believe to be the gold standard technology for tattoo removal. The Astanza system offers lasers for all shades and sizes of tattoos on 95% of the body for full color laser tattoo removal. This means even the toughest colors can be treated at our clinic. Take a look at this laser tattoo removal session at LeBeau Clinic:

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