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Green Building

Jacque LeBeau, MD
What is Green Building?
Green building is a “Whole-Systems” approach for designing and constructing buildings that conserve energy, water, and material resources and are healthier, safer, and more comfortable.
green building
Dr LeBeau and the staff at the LeBeau Clinic are dedicated to improving the environment and the Pensacola community.  The renovation of the current office space centered around many environmentally conscious upgrades to decrease our carbon footprint as well as our impact on the community resources.  Although it was impractical to work towards LEED certification due to the age of the building, we did our best to be environmental stewards of the community and we have been very happy with the result of our efforts.
1. LED Lighting: 
I researched the highest quality LED lighting and installed these bulbs and fixtures throughout the office.  I purchased these lighting products through a specialty distributer, Polar-Ray, the leading carrier for quality LED lighting.  The manufacturer of all of our lighting was Cree, the unquestionable leader in the LED lighting revolution.  These LED bulbs, downlights and architectural troffer lights were specifically chosen for their efficacy and high-quality light of Cree TrueWhite® Technology.  The excellent color rendering index from this lighting allows for careful analysis of skin tones and conditions allowing for appropriate treatment recommendations for clients.
2. Energy Efficient Appliances: 
IMG_0874 Energy efficient appliances were chosen throughout the office to minimize electrical consumption.  I chose an extremely efficient and small SMEG refrigerator for the staff break room as well as a energy efficient 40 gallon water heater wrapped in a insulating blanket and on a timer to decrease consumption further.  Outdoor security and landscape lighting was provided through the experts in exterior weather proof LED lighting, Kichler.IMG_0881
3. Smart Thermostat: 
nest tstatA Nest thermostat was chosen to control interior conditions of the office.  This smart thermostat, designed by a former Apple employee, has a multitude of advanced energy saving functions (Auto-Away, Auto-Schedule, Airwave) and is easily controlled via Wi-fi from your smart phone.  This has resulted in a tremendous savings on utility bills at the office.  Everyone should have a Nest in their home or office!
4. Recycled Countertops: 
I worked closely with PaperStone, the industry leader in environmentally conscious, architectural solid surface materials certified to FSC standards.  The panels were obtained from PaperStone and then cut to size and installed by me and my father.
5. Modern Insulation: 
The LeBeau Clinic is housed in a century old building and during the renovation process I made sure to install the most modern and efficient insulation, icynene.  Icynene was placed throughout all of the attic space and wall space available during the renovation and has significantly decreased our airspace conditioning needs.
Please feel free to contact us for any information on the Green Building resources that were used to make the LeBeau Clinic one of the most energy efficient buildings on the Gulf Coast.