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Dr. LeBeau is the Only Northwest Florida Provider Focusing on the Reconstruction and Correction of Pediatric Ear Deformities with the EarWell System

Dr. LeBeau is proud to be offering the EarWell procedure to infants with ear deformities.  EarWell is a new simple, painless, non-surgical solution that corrects virtually any infant ear deformity quickly and consistently, regardless of type or severity.
Up until this point, the only viable option for a patient with an ear deformity had been a surgical procedure called an otoplasty.  Otoplasty procedures are typically performed at approximately 5 years of age prior to the child starting school.  While Dr LeBeau does do a large volume of corrective otoplasty procedures on children, he has noted that many of these ear deformities could have been resolved during infancy with the EarWell system.  EarWell not only removes the prospect of a surgical option, but also frees a child from development years filled with peer taunting and teasing. Additionally, the procedure is typically covered by most insurance, eliminating most out-of pocket parental expense.
How it works:
The EarWell System consists of four basic parts:

  • A posterior shell or cradle that fits over the ear and adheres to the skin behind the ear
  • A retractor that shapes the rim of the ear
  • A conchal former that shapes the center of the ear
  • An anterior shell or cradle that holds all of the parts together

Using these 4 parts, the EarWell System reshapes the cartilage of the deformed ear into the desired curvature of a normal ear.
Over 90% of the babies treated with the EarWell Correction System have gotten good to excellent results.  Common ear deformities such as prominent ear, Stahl’s ear, cup ear, lop ear, lidding, helical compression, and conchal crus can be successfully treated with the EarWell Infant Ear Correction System.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.41.04 AM

(Above,left) Infant with Stahl’s ear deformity. The scalp hair is shaved around the ear and prepared with alcohol to create a hairless footprint to facilitate adherence of the posterior cradle against the scalp. (Above, right) The posterior cradle is placed. (Below, left) Placement of the retractor system to shape and hold the helical rim in position (black arrows). These retractors are held in place by the inner adhesive surface of the posterior cradle. A soft compressible conchal former is placed within the conchal cavity (blue arrow). The height of this device can be changed by the addition of compressible foam to its surface. (Below, right) The clear and perforated anterior shell attaches to the posterior cradle, allowing direct anterior forces to be applied to the conchal former and retractor system.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.41.21 AM
Is EarWell Covered by Insurance?
EarWell is covered by many health insurance plans.
Contact LeBeau Clinic for a Consultation.
If your newborn’s ears appear deformed or misshapen, you may make a consultation appointment at our Pensacola office by contacting us at 850-308-1738. Upon examination, if the ears are sufficiently deformed, Dr. LeBeau will apply the EarWell to permanently correct any ear deformity.  EarWell corrects over 90% of newborn ear deformities within a 4-6 week course of therapy
The following is an brief email exchange between EarWells and a Mother.  This demonstrates the importance of getting the child evaluated for EarWells as young as possible in order to achieve optimal results.  
Both of my sons have deformed prominent ears.  In researching options to fix the problem, I came across the Ear Well Correction System.  I wish I had known about this option when they were babies.  
Our pediatrician advised us to wait it out and just have surgery when they were older if they didn’t fix on their own.  Can the Ear Well Correction system only be used on infants?  From what I found it appeared to only be a treatment option for infants.  My children are 3 and 5.  I don’t have finances for surgery and hate the thought of even having to put them through surgery.  I am so devastated that I was not aware of this treatment when they were born! Thank you for any info you can provide.
I’m sorry to say that your sons are too old for EarWell. I wish we could help but it would not work for them. If it is any consolation to you, EarWell was not available when your sons were born. It only reached the market about a year ago.
Would you mind if I used your email message to demonstrate through our website the importance of a new mom acting quickly to rectify their newborn’s problem?
I hear from too many mom’s such as yourself almost every day who tell me they wish they knew about EarWell sooner or they wish they had not listened to their Pediatrician.
Feel free to contact me at any time if I can answer any questions for you.
Thank you for the prompt response.  You can certainly use my email .  I hope it does help another mom!  I will still continue to look for options for my sons.  I hope more doctors learn about this product and promote it so they can help moms and their children.
Call today for a consultation appointment at our Pensacola office by contacting us at 850-308-1738.