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Dr. LeBeau Answers Your Laser Tattoo Removal Questions

Treatment PhotoLaser tattoo removal with the Astanza Trinity Laser System at LeBeau Clinic offers the most effective tattoo removal treatments available. The Astanza Trinity system can treat virtually any tattoo quickly, safely, and effectively. With three wavelengths for versatility, the system allows effective removal in even the most difficult tattoos, for the most powerful treatments available.
Do you have questions? Dr. LeBeau is here to keep you informed. Take a look at the latest Q&A with Dr. LeBeau:
I am experiencing blistering after my laser tattoo removal treatment. What can I do?
Blistering of the skin is not uncommon following laser tattoo removal. I would recommend you return to the provider who performed the treatment to have the area checked if you are having a significantly different response than your initial treatment.
What are the aftercare instructions for tattoo removal with Q Switched laser?
You should closely follow the guidelines given to you by your provider for after care.  Our patients leave the office with Aquapor and gauze dressing over the treatment site. We typically recommend gentle cleansing with soap and water twice daily followed by reapplication of Aquaphor until healed.
If the treatment was excruciating, you may want to try a provider who uses a Zimmer chiller device during the treatment as this greatly decreases the discomfort without the need for any topical anesthetic creams.
I  have had multiple sessions with Q switched laser, but homemade tattoo won’t go away.
I would recommend you see a provider who can offer laser treatment with multiple different wavelengths to obtain optimal clearance of your tattoo. You should be able to obtain excellent results when treated appropriately.
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