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Saturday July 26, 2014
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[layout][half]As we age, our skin is affected by sun damage, the environment and genetic factors causing common signs of aging like wrinkles and pigmentation changes to the skin. There is an abundance of anti-aging products and services on the market, but there are only a few truly effective ways to reduce and improve aging concerns. When it comes to improving deep wrinkles, no other non-surgical procedure provides the effectiveness and results as a laser resurfacing treatment using a high quality laser like the Sciton Joule platform. Also known as a laser peel, this procedure targets deep lines and wrinkles by removing a thin layer of skin and affecting collagen production to reveal more youthful skin.[/half][half is_last=”true”]

Laser resurfacing with Contour TRL
For patients interested in decreasing deep wrinkles and lines, the Contour TRL laser treatment using our Sciton Joule platform is the best choice for improving problematic lines, especially around the eyes and mouth. This deep laser resurfacing procedure improves:

  • Deep wrinkles (even in difficult to treat areas like around the mouth and eyes)
  • Scars
  • Solar spots
  • Actinic Keratoses
  • Poor Skin Tone / Texture

How does it work?
The Contour TRL safely removes a layer of skin to a depth determined by Dr. LeBeau. The depth of treatment will depend on the skin condition, your desired outcome and expectation for downtime. Because Contour TRL can affect tissue with micron precision, Dr. LeBeau can treat your skin with the exact amount of energy needed. Treating skin with a laser stimulates the growth of new collagen, which improves the skin’s thickness and resilience. The skin surface will also re-grow with fresh, healthy cells, which will give your skin a younger, rejuvenated appearance.

Below is one of Dr. LeBeau’s patients seven months out from her Contour TRL laser resurfacing treatment:
Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 1.34.27 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-13 at 1.33.25 PM
Do you want to learn more about laser resurfacing at LeBeau Clinic? Feel free to come by our Pensacola office or contact us to find out what options are right for you.

Did you know that ear deformities are one of the most frequently overlooked infant disfigurements? Remarkably, statistical data show that infant ear deformities occur at a rate of between 20% and 35% of all births! In part, ear deformities often fail to capture the attention they deserve; because, until now, no reliable, safe, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure has been available to treat them.
Dr. LeBeau is now offering EarWell – a new simple, painless, non-surgical solution that corrects virtually any infant ear deformity quickly and consistently, regardless of type or severity.

What is EarWell?

Up until this point, the only viable option for a patient with an ear deformity had been a surgical procedure called an otoplasty.  Otoplasty procedures are typically performed at approximately 5 years of age prior to the child starting school.  While Dr LeBeau does do a large volume of corrective otoplasty procedures on children, he also has noted that many of these ear deformities being surgically corrected could have been resolved during infancy with a non surgical molding device such as the EarWell.

EarWell non-surgically, non-invasively and painlessly corrects infant ear deformities regardless of type or severity.  It properly and permanently reshapes the ear during the narrow time window when circulating maternal estrogens remain at high levels in the child. Best results are achieved when EarWell therapy is initiated during the first three weeks of life.
Why EarWell?
Some think of an outer ear deformity as a minor aesthetic irregularity that will self-correct or that can be corrected through plastic surgery, once the child has grown. However, studies have shown that ear deformities can negatively impact a child’s physical and emotional development. Children with facial abnormalities – particularly ear deformities – suffer peer hazing, ridicule and abuse. As a result, they often exhibit low self-esteem, anxiety, elevated social isolation and emotional withdrawal.
EarWell not only removes the prospect of a surgical option, but also frees a child from development years filled with peer taunting and teasing. Additionally, the procedure is typically covered by most insurance, eliminating most out-of pocket parental expense.
Will My Child’s Ear Deformity Self Correct?
The old axiom to which many physicians originally subscribed has now proven to be false. Most ears do not significantly self-correct. Documentation now suggests that 70% of the ears deformed at infancy either stay the same or get worse.
Adopting a wait-and-see approach in the hopes that the ear might self-correct is risky. A Japanese longitudinal study concluded that while some ear deformities will self-correct, others will remain the same and some will even worsen. Most importantly, the study noted that it is impossible to predict which course a deformed ear will take!  Additionally, waiting till the child is old enough for surgery means years of teasing and an expensive (and often painful) surgery.
How Does it Work?[layout][two_third]
The EarWell System consists of four basic parts:

  • A posterior shell or cradle that fits over the ear and adheres to the skin behind the ear
  • A retractor that shapes the rim of the ear
  • A conchal former that shapes the center of the ear
  • An anterior shell or cradle that holds all of the parts together

[/two_third][one_third is_last=”true”]
image-earwell-system[/one_third][/layout]Using these 4 parts, the EarWell System reshapes the cartilage of the deformed ear into the desired curvature of a normal ear. As noted earlier, over 90% of the babies treated with the EarWell Correction System have gotten good to excellent results.  Common ear deformities such as prominent ear, Stahl’s ear, cup ear, lop ear, lidding, helical compression, and conchal crus can be successfully treated with the EarWell Infant Ear Correction System.
Is EarWell Covered by Insurance?
EarWell is covered by many health insurance plans.
Contact LeBeau Clinic for a Consultation.
If your newborn’s ears appear deformed or misshapen, you may make a consultation appointment at our Pensacola office by contacting us at 850-308-1738. Upon examination, if the ears are sufficiently deformed, Dr. LeBeau will apply the EarWell to permanently correct any ear deformity.  EarWell corrects over 90% of newborn ear deformities within a 4-6 week course of therapy
Download the EarWell Patient Brochure

At LeBeau Clinic, we are happy to now provide tattoo removal in Destin, Dothan, Mobile, Atlanta and Birmingham with the Astanza Trinity laser system, for the most comprehensive tattoo removal treatments available. The Astanza Trinity system  treats virtually any tattoo quickly, safely, and effectively.
The difference is in the wavelengths. Rather than one, the Astanza system has 3 wavelengths for the most effective removal in even the most stubborn tattoos.

Before and After 2 copy

Is laser tattoo removal right for me?
Laser tattoo removal with the Astanza Trinity system provides you with the most comprehensive removal results. During a tattoo removal procedure, laser light is applied to the tattooed area of the skin. The light is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, leaving the surrounding skin tissue unharmed.
During the treatment, tattoo ink particles absorb the laser energy, heat up, and shatter into smaller ink particles.
In the days and weeks following a laser treatment, the body’s immune system flushes away the shattered ink particles, causing the tattoo to fade.  Over a series of treatments, more and more of the ink shatters, leaving the skin free of ink.
The three wavelengths allow 99% of ink colors to be treated.
Tattoo Removal
Pigmented Lesions
Vascular Lesions
Take a look at this video of a laser tattoo removal treatment.

Because we serve the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas, we are happy to now treat patients in the Destin, Atlanta, Mobile, Dothan and Birmingham, Alabama for laser tattoo removal. Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to call our office at 850-308-1738 or visit our website.

This recently hyped tattoo removal method is based on a very limited study of only 12 participating patients using a single wavelength, 755 nm laser and only on very simple tattoos.  For effective tattoo removal, many tattoos require multiple laser wavelengths to provide optimum results as different color inks respond best to a given wavelength.
R-20 Tattoo Removal
The R-20 tattoo removal process basically involves treating a tattoo 3-4 times in a single visit with 20-30 minutes between each treatment.  The thought is that this process will enhance clearance of tattoo ink, but this has not been definitively proven.  Patients have reported significantly more discomfort with having multiple treatments in one day as well as increased side effects and a prolonged healing time. This method does not necessarily prove more cost effective as most providers charge the same as if they were doing multiple individual treatment sessions.
Laser Tattoo Removal at LeBeau Clinic
The LeBeau Clinic continually strives to provide our clients with the latest advances which improve patient care, comfort and results.  Although the R-20 method for laser tattoo removal may eventually prove to have some merit, I do not believe it currently provides proven efficacy to warrant the increased treatment costs, patient discomfort and skin texture complications seen using this protocol.  This very aggressive method cannot be used for tattoo removal in darker skin types (III, IV, V, VI) due to the high risk of pigmentation changes and will certainly have a higher likelihood for skin texture abnormalities and scarring.
The Gold Standard
The gold standard for tattoo removal remains treatment by an experienced provider using multiple wavelength Q-switched lasers in a series of treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.  The number of laser treatments will be based on the tattoo location, quality and character of the ink as well as ink density, patient skin type and overall health of the client.  This is a proven effective method for tattoo removal which works very well with minimal discomfort and very happy patients.  It is important to remember that tattoos are meant to be permanent and all tattoos present a significant challenge for removal.  Performing laser tattoo removal is an evolving skill which requires use of the appropriate laser wavelength, adjustment of the timing and power settings to match the appropriate tattoo inks, and requires significant experience and judgement on the part of the practitioner.
We have invested in the newest laser technology and are proud to be the most state of the art laser tattoo removal center serving the gulf coast communities of Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Mobile, Dothan, Navarre, Ft. Walton and Destin.
At the LeBeau Clinic, we pride ourselves on unmatched customer service, quality care and genuine results.  We look forward to taking great care of you.
If you would like to schedule a consultation for laser tattoo removal contact us and find out about our available evening and weekend appointments.

Whether you’re unhappy with your tattoo or not, it’s important to know that you have options. If you want to remove it completely or have a portion of it removed, laser tattoo removal can help you achieve your desired result. At LeBeau Clinic, we’re excited to offer the leading technology in laser tattoo removal, the Astanza Trinity System.
Considering tattoo removal shouldn’t be confusing. That’s why Dr. LeBeau has answered a series of frequently asked questions to keep you informed. Take a look at the latest answers Dr. LeBeau provided about laser tattoo removal at our Pensacola office.

How much would the removal of a tattoo or a fading for a cover up cost?

The cost of tattoo removal is based on the size of the tattoo and the number of treatments required for clearance.  We use a formula based on the location of the tattoo, the color density, layering, scarring, and skin type to obtain an estimate for the number of treatments likely to be required.  The cost per treatment is based on the size of the tattoo.  A visit to a knowledgeable and experienced provider should be able to give you a good idea of the anticipated cost for removal.

New tattoo or old tattoo: Which one responds to laser removal better?
Older tattoos typically require fewer treatments for clearance compared to newer tattoos. This can be the result of the ink quality as well as the presence of an already present immune response in the area of the tattoo for older tattoos which facilitates clearance of the ink particles following treatment.  The Picosure is a single wavelength laser, Alexandrite 755nm, and provides a shorter pulse duration but less overall energy than other systems and due to the single wavelength is not optimal for treating tattoos with certain ink colors (primarily reds).  Systems such as the Astanza Trinity laser provide three wavelengths (1064nm, 532nm, 694nm) with adequate energy to treat tattoos of all colors.
Tattoo removal under $1,000?
The overall cost of your tattoo removal will depend on several factors other just the size and ink colors.  At my clinic, we use a formula based on patient skin type, ink density and placement, tattoo size and location and presence of pre existing scarring or an underlying tattoo.  This formula allows us to accurately estimate the number of treatments as well as the cost needed for clearance of the tattoo ink.  You will likely need between 6-15 treatments by an experienced provider using an appropriate laser to obtain adequate clearance.  No ethical provider will give you a guarantee that you will be able to obtain the result you want for under $1,000 as there are sometimes variables which cannot be predicted.
Thinking about laser tattoo removal? Give us a call to find out more about your options. And remember to look out for more answers to your questions from Dr. LeBeau.

Treatment PhotoLaser tattoo removal with the Astanza Trinity Laser System at LeBeau Clinic offers the most effective tattoo removal treatments available. The Astanza Trinity system can treat virtually any tattoo quickly, safely, and effectively. With three wavelengths for versatility, the system allows effective removal in even the most difficult tattoos, for the most powerful treatments available.
Do you have questions? Dr. LeBeau is here to keep you informed. Take a look at the latest Q&A with Dr. LeBeau:
I am experiencing blistering after my laser tattoo removal treatment. What can I do?
Blistering of the skin is not uncommon following laser tattoo removal. I would recommend you return to the provider who performed the treatment to have the area checked if you are having a significantly different response than your initial treatment.
What are the aftercare instructions for tattoo removal with Q Switched laser?
You should closely follow the guidelines given to you by your provider for after care.  Our patients leave the office with Aquapor and gauze dressing over the treatment site. We typically recommend gentle cleansing with soap and water twice daily followed by reapplication of Aquaphor until healed.
If the treatment was excruciating, you may want to try a provider who uses a Zimmer chiller device during the treatment as this greatly decreases the discomfort without the need for any topical anesthetic creams.
I  have had multiple sessions with Q switched laser, but homemade tattoo won’t go away.
I would recommend you see a provider who can offer laser treatment with multiple different wavelengths to obtain optimal clearance of your tattoo. You should be able to obtain excellent results when treated appropriately.
Want to know more about laser tattoo removal at our Pensacola office? Contact us today and look out for more of Dr. LeBeau’s answers about tattoo removal soon!

dontregretIf you have an unwanted tattoo, you shouldn’t have to be stuck with it forever. Laser tattoo removal with the Astanza Trinity Laser System at LeBeau Clinic offers the most effective tattoo removal treatments available. The Astanza Trinity system can treat virtually any tattoo quickly, safely, and effectively. With three wavelengths for versatility, the system allows effective removal in even the most difficult tattoos, for the most powerful treatments available
If you have questions, we’re here to help. Dr. LeBeau recently answered frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal. Each week, we’ll post some of the most common questions and answers about laser tattoo removal. Take a look at this week’s Q&A with Dr. LeBeau:
Will I experience redness after a tattoo removal session?
Redness (erythema) following laser tattoo removal is not uncommon. I would expect that you see continued resolution of the erythema without any intervention. As always, I recommend you return to your provider for an examination of the site and further reassurance.
How many laser sessions will it take to make my tattoo light enough to cover up with make up?
You should expect good results if seen by an experienced provider using a quality Q-switched laser. You may begin treatments as soon as the site is completely healed but an accurate estimate of the number of treatment sessions required can only be given after an examination and further history obtained by your provider.
How many sessions will I need to remove a small black tattoo?
Once your tattoo is evaluated and your provider has elicited the appropriate history of the tattoo, he or she should be able to give you an estimate of the number of treatments required for clearance of the tattoo ink. Variables such as the density and quality of the ink, layering and scarring in the area are questions that will need to be further elucidated before an accurate estimate could be given.
I regret my tattoo. What can I do?
You are not alone as tattoo regret is actually quite common.  Luckily, your tattoo should be able to be cleared very successfully.  I recommend you find an experienced provider in your area who uses a quality Q-switched laser to have a consultation for laser tattoo removal.
Have more questions about tattoo removal at our Pensacola location? Give us a call today and remember to stay tuned next week for more questions and answers.

beforeafter_laser-tatooWith the introduction of the Astanza Trinity laser system at LeBeau Clinic, we are excited to now offer the most effective tattoo removal treatments available. The Astanza Trinity system can treat virtually any tattoo quickly, safely, and effectively.
With three wavelengths for versatility, the system allows effective removal in even the most difficult tattoos, for the most powerful treatments available. Tattoo removal treatments combined using the Zimmer Chiller provide the most comfortable treatments in the Pensacola, Fort Walton and Mobile areas.
Take a look at these frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal at our office:
1. How does tattoo removal work? 

Dr. LeBeau uses state of the art lasers to direct energy at the ink in your tattoo for a fraction of a second. The laser energy passes harmlessly through the outer layer of your skin to target the tattoo ink directly. The laser fragments the ink into smaller components, which allows your body to absorb the ink and process it naturally.
2. Can all the colors be removed from my tattoo?

At LeBeau Clinic, we can remove most colors completely. While some colors require more treatments than other colors, even the most challenging colors will usually fade to a point where they’re nearly impossible to see.
3. Will my tattoo be completely gone after my first treatment?
Most tattoos require multiple treatments for full removal.
4. Will I see a change in my tattoo after each treatment?

Because each person and every tattoo is unique, everyone responds to laser tattoo removal treatments differently. Some people notice a distinct change with every treatment, while other people see changes after several treatments. When you follow our clinical staff’s advice, you receive the best results as soon as possible.
5. Are there limitations after laser tattoo removal treatments?
After treatment you can resume most or your usual activities as long as the treated area is not scratched or rubbed. You should keep the treated area out of the sun and covered while in the sun until your skin has healed.
6.Can I have just remove a part of my tattoo?
Yes! Our technology are extremely accurate. Quite often we remove just part of a tattoo so that you can have it redone correctly or look they way you want.
7. Will I have a scar after treatment?

When you follow our aftercare instructions, the chances of scarring are nearly nonexistent. If you have any preexisting scarring, those scars will remain as our lasers only remove ink, not scars.
8. Does tattoo removal hurt?

Pain is very subjective to each person. Your comfort level is greatly improved when we use our specially designed device to blow cold air on the are being treated to numb your skin.
Have more questions about laser tattoo removal? Give us a call to find out your options and learn about our military discount.

Pensacola Photography
Don’t you wish there was just one anti-aging skincare product that could take the place of your various creams?
Jolie Retexturizing Cream could be for you
For anyone searching for one product to take the place of four, Jolie Retexturizing Cream is the answer. This product has it all: retinoids, peptides, antioxidants and low-dose TCA. This intensive combination provides you with a light, nightly exfoliation to help correct blemishes and reveal rejuvenated, smoother and firmer skin. Jolie Retexurizing Cream is appropriate for all skin types except sensitive. It should be used nightly or every other night for best results.

  • Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Ferulic acid
  • The first stabilized low-dose TCA dosage form for daily use
  • Contains 0.2% Hydroxypinacolone retinoate, an advanced retinoic acid ester that provides retinoid benefits with less irritation

This daily all in one cream is the most unique product in our medical grade skin care line. This is for the person who wants a simple skincare routine and does not wish to have a daily or weekly regimen of multiple skin care products. It is the only cream on the market to incorporate stabilized low dose TCA as well as retinoids and anti-oxidants providing rapid results. You will notice dramatic improvement in skin texture and quality in as little as week.” —Jacque P. LeBeau, MD

Remember, for the month of January, you can take advantage of a 20% discount when you purchase Jolie Retexturizing Cream. Take a look at our entire skin care line at our Pensacola location or at our online store.