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Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

At the LeBeau Clinic, our goal is to obtain consistent and quality results for our patients.  The only way this can be truly evaluated and ascertained is with excellent and standardized clinic photography.
During the renovation of LeBeau Clinic, we constructed a highly specialized room exclusively for patient photography.  We used one of the premier portrait photographers in Pensacola, Randy Hamilton from the Hamilton Art Agency, to help us design the room layout and to obtain the appropriate lighting and camera settings for consistent before and after photographs.
I have been dismayed over the years from poor quality and non-standardized photography I have seen on plastic surgery websites and magazine articles featuring satisfactory “results,” which often appear ambiguous due to inconsistent lighting and patient positioning.  These photographs are often misleading and appear inauthentic.
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At our office, you will be asked to arrive without any makeup and you will have any jewelry, which may distract the results, removed prior to photography.  You will go through a standardized set of positioning for all of your before and after pictures and these will be reviewed with you at each of your follow up appointments to ensure that we have achieved the desired result.

[one_third]Before and After Photos of a patient who had a combination treatment of IPL, BBL, ProFractional, MicroLaserPeel to target Dark Spots on her skin[/one_third]“You can tell the photography room is for the patient’s benefit and not just for marketing purposes. They follow a precise system to make sure the angles and lighting of the pictures match for the most authentic results. I loved comparing the details down to each vanishing sun spot and freckle.”
– Ms. Watts (Actual LeBeau Clinic patient)

[full_width]If you are not having appropriate standardized photographs taken before and after your procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers, laser resurfacing, BBL/IPL and all cosmetic and/or reconstructive facial surgical procedures, then you will be unable to gauge if you are really achieving your desired results.
Best Regards,
Dr. LeBeau[/full_width]