Top Things to Know about Robotic Hair Transplantation

Hair loss among men and women is extremely common, and the options for improving hair loss such as male pattern baldness are seemingly endless. From over-the-counter creams to surgical procedures, the market for hair restoration is booming. While there are many advertised solutions, few provide real, lasting results. One of the latest advancements in hair restoration procedures is robotic hair transplantation. For people looking for the most effective, legitimate and comprehensive hair restoration solution, robotic hair transplantation is quickly becoming the go-to procedure. What exactly is robotic hair transplantation?

What to know about robotic hair transplantation

Unlike hair transplant procedures of the past, which often appeared unnatural and required stiches, downtime and scarring, robotic hair transplantation turns this process around entirely.

To treat hair loss, robotic hair transplantation uses sophisticated computer assistance to harvest hair follicles during the process of hair replacement. With the ARTAS system, the first and only robotic transplantation system on the market, a physician uses a robotic arm and advanced digital imaging to select follicular units for the most natural looking hair restoration results.

Overall, the ARTAS System enables trained physicians to harvest follicles with no plugs and no stiches, which are usually deterrents in choosing hair restoration procedures. Another important aspect of robotic hair transplantation is that it revolutionizes the time it takes to accomplish the procedure. In most cases, a hair transplantation session can be done in half the time compared to alternative manual methods.

The process is designed to reduce pain, scarring, complications and downtime present with other invasive surgical methods. With robotic hair transplantation, patients can now expect natural-looking results without the well-known complications of manual or dated techniques such as hair plugs or aggressive surgery.

Real hair growth

Beyond transplanting hair follicles with the most advanced technology, robotic hair transplantation allows for real hair growth after the procedure. In the months following hair transplantation, the newly transplanted hair follicles begin growing real hair naturally.

At LeBeau Clinic, we are leading the way with hair restoration in Pensacola and along the Gulf Coast. Offering the ARTAS robotic hair transplantation system, patients can expect the most effective hair transplantation method available. Dr. LeBeau and our staff are trained and experienced to provide the best hair restoration results possible for you. We welcome you to contact us today to find out more and schedule a consultation. If you are from out of the area, feel free to submit our online consultation form and Dr. LeBeau will contact you to discuss your case with you in detail.

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