Staff Picks: LeBeau Skin Product Line

April 16, 2015 by Sheree Garman No Comment

Julie’s Staff Pick: Complexion Correction Plus Pads

I absolutely love Complexion Correction Plus Pads. This product is my staff pick because of the brightening and lightening components. We compound this product in the clinic for you to help anyone with discoloration, pigmentation issues, or a desire for a more bright, even skin tone. I also love this product because it works great in conjunction with a secondary power product, Jolie Retexturizing Cream. Using the Complexion Correction Pads and then applying Jolie Cream on a regular basis is sure to transform your skin.



Dr. LeBeau’s Staff Pick: Jolie Skin Retexturizing Cream

Jolie Retexturizing Cream is my favorite for many reasons. I initially named this product after my sister, and it has become my favorite in our skin care line. Jolie cream is much more than a moisturizer. It is the only product available on the market with stabilized low-dose TCA to help even, exfoliate and brighten your skin. It also includes antioxidants and retinol to keep skin healthy, glowing and moisturized. I use Jolie cream twice a day in the winter and once a day in the summer. This product has it all.



Sheree’s Staff Pick: SunShade SPF 30

LeBeau Skin’s tinted SunShade is my staff favorite.  I can’t live without it!  SunShade is more than just a facial sunscreen.  Unlike other sunscreens with physical sunblockers like zinc and titanium oxide, SunShade doesn’t leave my skin looking ghostly white. It acts like a tinted moisturizer and blends right into my natural skin tone, and provides a light amount of coverage that is perfect. The texture feels AMAZING! It’s silky smooth and blends right in, leaving my face feeling baby soft.

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