Moisture Restore Cream

Rich Moisture - Clinically Proven to Reduce Dry, Cracked, Flaky Skin

Moisture Restore Cream is a combination of ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol help restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.  An alternative to traditional moisturizers, it is excellent for patients with sensitive, irritated, excessively dry skin on Anti-Photoaging regimens, post-procedure or after in-office treatments.

  • – Clinically proven to reduce dry, cracked, flaky skin
  • – Elegant, patented formulations can be used day or night and are fragrance and steroid-free.
  • – Rich moisture
  • – Fragrance, paraben, & solvent free

“Our pharmaceutical grade moisturizer is excellent for dry or irritated skin and is great addition to obtain optimal results following laser resurfacing.”

Jacque P. LeBeau, MD


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