Pensacola – Destin – Skin Cancer Reconstruction


Procedure(s): Reconstruction of nasal skin cancer defect with forehead flap

Details: This patient was found to have a melanoma of his nasal tip skin which was removed with a margin of surrounding skin resulting in a the defect seen in the photograph. He underwent reconstruction of his nose using cartilage from his ear and the skin on the forehead. A flap was taken from the forehead and used to cover the reconstructed structure of the nose to provide support and prevent any difficulties with nasal breathing. The portion of the flap connecting the nose to the forehead was taken down at 4 weeks after his initial procedure. He is seen here at one month after his surgery. He has excellent contour, support and color match of his nose as well as unaltered nasal breathing. He is now cancer free and is very happy with the result.

Provider: Dr. Jacque LeBeau

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