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Unhappy About The Loose Skin On Your Neck? ThermiTight at LeBeau Clinic in Pensacola May Be The Answer.

June 23, 2015 by Sheree Garman No Comment

Hate that loose skin at your jawline and neck, but not quite ready for a facelift? ThermiTight may be the perfect choice for you! Coming soon to LeBeau Clinic We are excited to announce the newest technology coming to LeBeau Clinic in July.  Today, we purchased a system called ThermiRF. ThermiTight is the first aesthetic ...

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Top Things to Know about Robotic Hair Transplantation

Hair loss among men and women is extremely common, and the options for improving hair loss such as male pattern baldness are seemingly endless. From over-the-counter creams to surgical procedures, the market for hair restoration is booming. While there are many advertised solutions, few provide real, lasting results. One of the latest advancements in hair ...

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Is Robotic Hair Transplantation Right for You?

Like any cosmetic surgical procedure, determining your candidacy ultimately comes down to a discussion between you and your physician, and robotic hair transplantation is no exception. However, there are some common factors that can help determine if hair transplantation is right for you. As the most effective and advanced method of hair restoration available, many ...

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What Military Members Need to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

Every year, nearly 200 thousand people enlist in the armed forces. There are certain requirements, such as physical and educational standards prospective military members must consider before joining. In recent years, the guidelines regarding tattoos have become more stringent, causing certain branches of the military to forbid or limit particular tattoos as a requisite to ...

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Tips on Getting the Most out of Your Botox Treatment

As one of the leading non-surgical cosmetic treatments available, many people are familiar with Botox for improving the appearance of facial wrinkles. Whether you are considering Botox for the first time, or you routinely receive Botox injections, everyone has an interest in getting the most out of their treatment. For preventative use or to treat ...

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Why Not All Laser Tattoo Removal Technology is The Same

Tattooing skin dates back thousands of years. Of the millions of Americans who have tattoos, many people now seek to have one or more of their tattoos removed. Because there are a handful of laser tattoo removal systems available on the market today, it might seem like they offer similar treatments. In fact, the differences ...

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Expert Tips to Get the Most Out of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a commitment of both time and money. Check out these expert teips to get the most out of laser tattoo removal

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How Does Robotic Hair Transplantation Compete with the Alternatives?

As the latest advancement in hair restoration, many people are curious how the robotic hair transplant ARTAS system stacks up against alternative options. While other systems such as Neograft offer hair transplantation, there are crucial differences that truly set the ARTAS system apart from the competition. Consider these benefits of the ARTAS System over other ...

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What Can You Expect from a Robotic Hair Transplantation?

For anyone who has looked into hair restoration options, you know that the decision-making process involves research and consideration to find the best possible option. Often, deciding on hair transplantation can be an exciting, life-changing event in someone’s life. For those interested in moving forward with robotic hair transplantation, there are usually many questions about ...

Do You Really Know Who is Injecting Your Botox?

While Botox injections can be a very safe cosmetic treatment, its security truly hinges on the person administering the treatment. Just as a truck is built to protect its passengers, the vehicle is ultimately at the mercy of the driver. Common cosmetic injections such as Botox should be safe for every patient. To ensure the ...

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