Eyelid Repair with Gold Weight and Eyelid Tightening


Procedure(s): Functional Brow Lift | Canthoplasty | Gold Weight Placement

Details: This client had been told by multiple doctors that she could not be helped. She sought out Dr LeBeau's help as a specialist in Facial Plastic Surgery to improve the appearance and function of her left eye resulting from facial paralysis sustained during a prior surgery at another institution years before. She underwent an internal brow lift on the left side with placement of a Gold Weight onto the upper eyelid to allow her to close her eye completely on this side. Dr LeBeau also performed a canthoplasty to tighten the lower eyelid to help prevent drying of the eye.
She is seen here at one month following her procedure and has had great improvement in her dry eye symptoms and the appearance of her lower eyelids.
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