Laser Tattoo Removal

Pensacola plastic surgeon Dr. Jacque LeBeau offers the most comprehensive treatments and state of the art technology for the complete tattoo removal on all skin types. Utilizing the innovative Astanza Trinity laser system, tattoos of all ink colors and types can be completely and comfortably removed often without the need for topical or injectable anesthesia. Dr. LeBeau uses the three distinct wavelengths provided by the Trinity to provide unmatched clearance of even the most resistant tattoo inks. The Q-switched Trinity laser uses ultra short pulses of energy to enter the skin quickly enough to heat up and shatter the unwanted tattoo ink while keeping the surrounding skin unharmed. As the only provider on the Gulf Coast using the Zimmer skin cooling device, patients can be assured of a quick and comfortable treatment experience for their tattoo removal.

The Trinity laser tattoo removal procedure provides a highly effective option for eliminating unwanted tattoos and returns the patient’s skin to its near original, natural pre-tattoo appearance.

The Trinity’s superiority lies with its versatile three wavelengths of light energy, high peak power and fast treatment times. Three wavelengths allow 99% of ink colors to be treated. High peak power ensures that deep and difficult tattoo inks are reached with ease. Fast treatment times make the removal process easy to accommodate with a busy schedule. With a speed twice as fast as its closest competitor, the largest spot size available, and the highest energy production, our laser system at the LeBeau Clinic can truly offer patients a superior experience.

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How Does It Work?

Laser tattoo removal is the gold standard method for removing a tattoo while minimizing the chance of scarring. Q-switched lasers, like those in the Astanza Trinity laser system, have been designed to create a ultra short, but powerful, pulse of energy that shatters the tattoo ink into smaller fragments.

In the days and weeks following a laser treatment, the body’s immune system clears away the shattered ink particles, causing fading in the appearance of the tattoo. Over a series of treatments, successively deeper tattoo ink is shattered until the skin is free of the unwanted tattoo.

There are also rare occasions where tattoo ink may be resistant to standard treatments and may require a specialized protocol using the Sciton ProFractional laser system to enhance clearance of tattoo ink or for resolution of tattoo granulomas. The LeBeau clinic is the only tattoo removal center on the Gulf Coast able to offer this enhanced treatment of resistant tattoos.

In certain instances, Dr. LeBeau also offers the option of surgical excision of smaller tattoos for patients who wish to have more expeditious removal of tattoos in certain areas of the body. This option does leave a scar although Dr. LeBeau’s training as a double board certified plastic surgeon allows for an excellent cosmetic appearance of these scars. Read FAQ about our advanced laser removal treatment.

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