How Does Robotic Hair Transplantation Compete with the Alternatives?

As the latest advancement in hair restoration, many people are curious how the robotic hair transplant ARTAS system stacks up against alternative options. While other systems such as Neograft offer hair transplantation, there are crucial differences that truly set the ARTAS system apart from the competition. Consider these benefits of the ARTAS System over other non-robotic alternatives.

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Better donor area

The donor area is key in the success of your hair transplant. With robotic hair transplantation, even, calculated harvest distribution provides optimal spacing between grafts. The system’s programmable safeguard for the donor area ensures a natural appearance not possible with alternative systems that rely on the human eye to gauge the graft area.

Better grafts

The ARTAS System can gather healthier, more protected and better quality hair grafts as opposed to the skinny or exposed grafts collected from other systems. With its computerized technology, ARTAS provides 3-D images of your scalp, guiding your physician to the best areas for harvesting hair follicles.

artas hair restoration

Better precision

There are few things more important than precision when it comes to hair transplants. Unlike other hair restoration options, ARTAS offers image-guided robotic precision to virtually eliminate human error. The precision technology also guarantees that the hair remains consistent, healthy and protected during the transplant procedure.

Who is preforming your procedure?

Above the benefits of the ARTAS technology, the person behind the equipment is an invaluable aspect of the hair transplant procedure. With alternative options like Neograft, a technician, not a licensed physician, is often brought in to perform most, if not all, of the procedure. Once the transplantation is complete, the technician leaves and is usually not available unless there are further procedures.

With this alternative, patients may not be aware that their physician has limited hair restoration experience and that the technicians are performing many aspects that should be performed by a highly trained surgeon.

As the leader of hair restoration in Pensacola, our triple board-certified physician and trained staff are your partners in achieving the most effective, natural-looking hair transplant results with the ARTAS System. We welcome you to contact us today and schedule a consultation to go over your options.  If you are from out of town, please fill out our online consultation form and Dr. LeBeau will contact you directly to discuss your hairloss and options.

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