ARTAS System Vs. Neograft?

The ARTAS robotic system, used at LeBeau Clinic, has robotic control, video imaging and uses a blunt dissection technique. This allows for very precise extraction of follicular units from the donor area with minimal transection. The Neograft machine for FUE is a manually operated machine which uses sharp edge dissection. Because it relies on manual controls rather than robotics, it is less accurate and the cutting tip causes more graft injury. The precision of the robot allows the grafts to be harvested with less trauma and will thus result in better growth.


The ARTAS® robotic system is an invaluable, timesaving tool. The computer system provides your surgeon with 3-D images of your scalp. The images guide the staff to the best areas for harvesting hair follicles. Using the ARTAS® system provides your surgeon the time to precisely create your new, natural hairline.  When you look at the chart below, keep in mind that a great result depends largely upon the surgeon, his training, and the skilled people who support his surgical efforts.

artas vs neograft



Neograft is a device that uses a sharp punch to isolate grafts and a suction mechanism to extract them from the scalp. Both the sharp punch and suction are felt by many doctors to cause more injury to the follicles than the blunt dissection technique (used by the ARTAS robotic system for FUE). In addition, the Neograft is a hand-held device that, unlike the ARTAS, is not an image-guided robotic system and, therefore, lacks the precision of the latter technique.

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